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·      Vetcaresyria has been founded in the year 2005 in Damascus, Syria by Dr. Haysam Demeriah and Eng. Anas Al Nachawati

·      Vetcaresyria has made a great success in the Syrian markets through importing and distributing the best kinds of veterinary medicine and feed additives, vaccines and other veterinary products from well-known companies in the worldwide.

·      Vetcaresyria has become one of the pioneers in this field by fulfilling the requisites of domestic markets and the availability of the technical services for it in most of the Syrian cities.

·       Vetcaresyria is committed to the Syrian importation rules regarding animal products.

·       All our products are approved by the Directorate of Veterinary Drugs according to their determined rules.

·       We are concerned to follow up the studies and research that companies do to discover and develop their products.